Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Sure You Noticed But.....

Clearly I've given up on this site. It makes me sad (wipes away tear). I just don't have the time to maintain 2 sites, work full time, be a Mom, and sleep (this was the one that was suffering). However I do have a couple reviews of products I'll be posting soon on my other blog and I have some new clothes which I'll hopefully get Dave to take some pictures of which I will also post there soon. So if there's anyone who checks this site any more head on over to Day2Day Madness for you fix of random Daniness.


C.J. said...

You know what? I've looked at what feels like a million blogs of all kinds since I checked this one out and to my bewilderment, "What I'm Wearing" sticks in my head.
I don't think you should abandon this blog.
When I first read the title, I expected some Paris Hilton wanna-be bragging about her designer rags and superior style sense.
Finding the opposite was unexpected and charming in some strange way that I just cannot fully explain. Seeing a normal person in normal clothing posing in front of a boat trailer tongue combined with your simple, unsarcastic, unostentatious descriptions is a bit quirky without trying too hard. I think you've got a real hook here.
Not long ago, a person that decided to take and publish one photo per day developed a following and made the national news. If you keep on this exact same path, I think you may really have something here. I could see you on "Good Morning America."
Maybe in these chaotic, heavy-thinking times, viewing what the "neighbor next door" is wearing every day is just that little bit of uncomplicated, simple fun our psyches' need. It's like your blog "charactor" should be in some quirky, but charming, independent film.
Do you know what I mean? I'm not sure I do, but that's exactly why you may be on to something here.

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