Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Up With My Love Of Tee's?

I rarely wear t-shirts. Maybe occasionally on the weekend if I'm not planing to leave the house. And I totally hate all the ones you see in catalogues that are supposed to be funny. So why oh why have I been finding so many that I LOVE this last year? Seriously I just got one a few weeks ago that said "Screw being a princess I wanna be a vampire" and earlier this year I bought 3 other shirts that you'd need to see to appreciate (Hmmmm. Pictures this weekend perhaps) but when I saw the one below it was like love at first t-shirt site. I'm not sure what's up with that. I've just been very attracted to some of the semi goth type items that have been in style the last couple years......Or maybe just 'cause it's a really cool picture. Very Ophelia.
BTW it's available from Alloy if you like it too. I'm sure you can get it other places as well but I haven't looked.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Falling Down On The Job

In hind site I should have asked Dave to take a pic today. Maybe I will when I get home. I'm wearing a cardigan and pearls but I painted my nails teal blue. I like the juxtaposition.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well Alright Then

Honestly I was very surprised to find out how much people are enjoying this site. I thought I was just being self indulgent and possibly vain. So I'll tell ya what I'll do. I'm not gonna shut down the site but because it's dark now when we leave the house I'm going to have to find a different way to provide pictures for the site. I'm mulling over some ideas. I may just start taking pictures when I have something new (or I just think I look good ha ha). I'll still do reviews & I'll include more pictures of things I want. So let me know if there's anything you'd like to see or have me include. I LOVE getting comments.

All that being said I'm going to have to ask Dave to take a picture of me because I picked up my glasses on Monday and they are tres sexy, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I haven't officially decided to close the site but it's turning out to be more difficult that I expected to keep it up. I think what I may wind up doing is combining my 2 sites. I'll let ya know when I've made an official decision. Thanks for your patience.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Sweet n' Low Lucky Jeans and the shirt is from Express. The jacket is from Old Navy and has a cool design on the left shoulder blade. I wear this jacket much more often than the regular denim jacket I have.

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning because I can tell my clothes are fitting better so I suspect I've lost weight and I know I've lost inches. I'm not exactly dieting at the moment but I drink tons of watter, walk every day, and use our elliptical machine ever other night. I'm not only looking and feeling better, I'm sleeping better yay.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Green

What can I say? I like green.

The pants are from Express. The shirt however is new and I think I got it from Delias but it was a couple years back and I'm not certain. The tank I have on underneath is from Target.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Wednesday To You

See I told you it would fade. I'm about 2 shampoo's from Strawberry. Oh well. I'm gonna re die it Saturday or maybe Sunday & then maybe I'll let it return to natural.

The pants are Editor from Express, the sweater is from Old Navy and I haven't worn it since I started the site, the blazer is from Delias and I can't remember if I've worn it recently, and my shoes are the black green and grey ones from Newport News.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two, Two, Two Pics In One

Hmmm neither of these are particularly great pictures so I'm including both. Hey maybe you'll enjoy sneering at me who am I to take away that opportunity.

Everything I'm wearing comes from Express and none of it is new although with my new hair color I don't look nearly as washed out.

So yesterday the underwire poked out of my bra. I guess it's time I need to buy some new bra's and under ware and that just sucks because they are not cheap. Oh well. I won't be showing you the new stuff. I love you guys but not that way.

As I mentioned on my other site I found out yesterday that I need glasses so we went to Costco at lunch time to fill my prescription and I'm really excited about the frames I picked. I think their kinda sexy but that's me. And guess what, their purple. I know you're picturing something horrible and you'll just have to wait the two weeks until their ready to see how awesome they are. I am considering getting a second pair though as backup. Hmmm the shopping possibilities.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I Did It!

Told ya I wanted to die my hair. It was darker yesterday before I washed it. I suspect it's going to be just like when I died it brown a few months back & I'll be back to blond in a couple weeks. I like it though so maybe I'll try to keep it up for a while. I already bought another box so I may be able to get enough color saturation.

The dress is new. It's from Newport News & I ordered it months ago but it finally came a little over a week ago. I had to buy pantyhose before I could wear it. My legs are not looking good enough to go bare. These are my same tri color shoes also from Newport News. It's cold today so I have my leopard print jacket today but I didn't want to cover the dress in the picture. I hope you appreciate it brrrrr.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Have to Say WOW!

I know I already reviewed this product but I've got to update. I noticed earlier this week that I had developed little lines around my mouth so I made sure to cover those areas when I used the Wrinkle Revenge. It's literally been four days and the lines on the left side are gone and the ones on the right are almost invisible. This stuff really works.

Pre Baby Jeans!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I forgot to mention last Friday that I can finally get in to ALL my pre baby jeans not just the pair that were a size to big. So these and the ones I wore last Friday are the last hurdle yay!

These jeans are also Lucky brand jeans and are called Sundowner. I prefer the Sweet n' Low ones but I couldn't find my other pair. Isn't that weird? Did I take my pants off somewhere and forget to take them with me when I left? That seems unlikely.

The sweater I've shown before and is from Express so is the tank which I haven't worn since I started this site.

I was asked about the weight loss and what I was doing so here's the answer. I did slim fast for a couple weeks and it worked but it's hard to do for very long. I just get so sick of the taste of those shakes. So now I've just been trying to eat healthy and cut out the junk I know I shouldn't be eating. I drink a ton of watter every day usually at least 96oz which equals about 12 glasses. I've also started taking a walk every day with my friend Jubiss it's a little thing but it helps. I've been trying to work out at home on the evenings that it's Dave's turn to put Fiona to bed but I can't say it's really been regular, all the normal chores get in the way but still even if I only do it once a week that's better than nothing.

Oh I also bought a bottle of hair die and did the test sample so assuming I don't chicken out my hair may be auburn in the next pic. Stay tuned. Of coarse I've died it twice since I had Fiona and it washed out in about a month. My hair's so light to begin with it's hard to get it to take color.

Thursday 10-16-08

Believe it or not I was crazy busy yesterday so I didn't have time to get my photo uploaded. But here it it.

This sweater is the twin sister to the blue one I wore Tuesday. It and the pants are from Express the cami is from Old Navy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Been One of THOSE Weeks

Dave was still in bed when I left for work Monday so I didn't get a picture and yesterday it was still dark when we left the house and we didn't have time latter. And that's to bad because I wore new items both days.
Luckily this blouse is new too. Not NEW new. My budget doesn't currently allow for clothes shopping. But new here. Everything is from Express. The pants are actually Navy which is why I picked a blue sweater.
I'm still toying with the idea of dying my hair. What I'd like to do is get highlights and low lights again but that's more expensive than a bottle of Clairol.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dermadoctor EYE spy

I have permanent dark circles under my eyes. I've tried every product out there from the cheapie kinds you buy at the grocery store to the stuff you get at boutiques that cost's more than $100 for a tiny little tube. I had an allergic reaction to one product that made the skin under my eyes peel and that's pretty much the only one I can say did anything noticeable. I think the issue in my case isn't that I have a breakdown in collagen or a pooling of blood or thinning skin or any of the other reason you get dark circles. I just have deep set eyes and therefore shadows. If the sun shined up from the ground rather than down from the sky I'd probably look great. However as I'm self conscious of this issue and I've mostly been pleased with products from Dermadoctor I thought I'd give this a try. Again I'm really not sure if it's helping with any of the underlying causes but it does work pretty well as a concealer for the purple bags I'm cursed with. I've been using this stuff for about 2 months and I can say I'm pleased. The only thing I've used that worked better for concealing the circles was custom blended foundation which is too expensive an troublesome to get.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Classic casual

So just to mix it up on this windy Friday not a single thing I'm wearing today is from Express. What can I say they make things that last.

These are Sweet n' Low jeans from Lucky Jeans. I either got them at Macy's of the Lucky Jeans store. They're expensive but worth it. Actually if you have a hard time finding jeans that fit go to a Lucky Jeans store and tell one of the employees what it is you want in a pair of jeans and they'll find a pair that look good on you. For example I have a short torso so I like a mid rise and I prefer a boot cut #1 because it makes my legs look thinner and #2 because I like boots. Seriously if I had to pick only one item of clothing to buy for the rest of my life it would be boots. This fabulous shirt (that's not sarcasm. I really love this shirt) is from Target.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aveda Pure Abundance

Last time I got my hair cut the stylist used this stuff in my hair and it is awesome. It makes my hair thick and full of body and it adds just enough hold that my type of casual style looks good enough for the runway. I only use it when I'm intending to wear my hair down although I imagine it would work well for other styles too.

VO5 Dazzling Shine

A few months back I ran out of my normal hairspray so when I was at the store I grabbed a bottle of Suave hairspray figuring how different can it be. The answer is the cheap kind caused my hair to become brittle and break off near the root. Yes you heard it rite BREAK OFF. Needless to say I stopped using the product immediately but then I had to do something to repair the damage to my remaining hair so I went looking for a repair product.

I decided to try this product thinking at least it should help with the frizz caused by the broken bits but was I ever amazed. Usually shine products are very oily and make my hair limp and greasy but this stuff doesn't. It makes my hair soft and shinny. I spray it on liberally after I towel dry my hair every time I wash it. I don't know if everyone will like it but my hair is thick and fine and long and tends to get dry so if you've got similar hair I recommend it. Also it's not expensive. I think I paid around $5.00 for it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ornate Earrings

These are the earrings I was wearing yesterday. They are very heavy and by the end of the day my ears are sore but like high heals they are so worth it. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that they remind me of the earrings in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Told Ya I Was Gonna Start Wearing More Black

Originally I put on a different cami but it didn't look right so I changed. The whole ensemble is from Express and I was wearing my fabulous leopard jacket again since the weather is now starting to get cooler. I think if you click on the picture you can see my earrings which are one of the pairs I was complaining that I could not find. They are from Target & very heavy and I love the drama of them.

I'm off work Tomorrow and Thursday so I probably won't have any pictures of my outfits. I do however have some items I've been meaning to feature/review so be sure to check in. I will be posting around Fiona's nap schedule.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Elvis Would Totaly Wear This Jacket

It was a bit chilly today & I couldn't find my brown blazer. I think I may have gotten rid of it so I put on this one which I normally don't wear to work. It's more of a going out in jeans and stilettos type of thing.
The blazer is from Macy's as is the blouse and the pants are from Express.
I was very productive this weekend and did all my dry cleaning and ironing so I've got lots of things to wear (for now).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Possibly the Last Skirt I'll Wear For a Whille

It's starting to get colder and according to the weather report it's supposed to start raining tomorrow (which is good we're in a drought) so I'll be bundling up more. Sigh. I hate cold weather clothes, they are not flattering to my figure. I start looking all lumpy.

Well at least this is something new (to the site). I got this outfit, and yest the weird little shirt is supposed to go over the dress, at Mervyn's several years ago. I have a thing about not shopping at Mervyn's so you'll probably never see me in anything from there again.

The weather change is doing weird things to my coloring so I've been experimenting with my eye makeup and am not pleased with the results. Yesterday I looked like the undead, which would be fine if that was what I'd been trying to do.

Sigh again. Lumpy clothes and bad makeup, oh and don't forget how dry and dull my hair gets in fall. Is it time for Spring yet?

Common Courtesy

This is what I wore yesterday. The outfit looks oddly dowdy in this picture but in motion......well you can see the slit in the skirt. It goes quite high. It wasn't until about halfway through the day when I realized the combination of that skirt and fishnet tights was maybe less than work appropriate. Modesty at least in the physical sense is something I frequently forget to have. I'm generally comfortable with my body and don't really care if people look. There are however limits to what is acceptable even to me.

Example: There is one guy at my office who literally stares with his mouth hanging open every time I walk by. Now it's always nice to be admired but I do worry vaguely that he's going to drown himself in his own drool and then I'd feel guilty. Mostly I find it amusing but it really is a little rude. Also while admittedly the above outfit is somewhat provocative you've seen what I generally wear to work and it's not overtly sexy. Believe me when I'm trying to get a reaction you'll know.

Note: I took pity on the poor guy yesterday. Once I realized the non workness of the outfit I decided to avoid his gaze. The poor guy would probably have to go home to change pants.

Any way the skirt is from Victoria's Secret, The sweater from Express, the tank from Old Navy. You've seen em all before. I have several pairs of patterned tights and I'm not sure where I got this particular pair. It may have been from a company called foot traffic.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

He he he

Alright I was looking for something else but this article made me giggle.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something New!

I was going to wear a dress today but then we were running late so I just went with what was easy. But never fear I was thinking of you when I picked. It's funny how much thought I'm putting in to my outfits these days trying not to be too repetitive.

Alright the ever present Editor pants from Express. These ones are actually charcoal grey although I'm not sure that's clear in the picture. This is actually the second pair I've had this color I liked the other ones so much that when they finally fell apart (after several years) I went out & got a new pair. The sweater and tank are from (Drum roll. Ba da da da da da) Target. Funky hu? I've bought a few things at Target over the years that I loved. I've also bought things that just didn't last that long. It's kind of hit or miss. This sweater though I'm very fond of.

My necklace (which again I'm sure you can't see very well) is interesting. It's not a pearl as it appears to be. It's actually a tiny little carving of Ganesh. Who's Ganesh you ask, Ganesh is a deity (Hindu I think but I could easily be wrong). Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. My Mom gave me this charm years ago. I think she was hoping it would get Dave of his butt and down on one knee if you know what I'm saying. I seriously doubt it had anything to do with our nuptials but it's pretty and the though was sweet. I found this necklace while I was cleaning this weekend along with a bunch of other jewelry I'd forgotten about. Sadly I didn't find the 2 pairs of earrings I was specifically looking for but they must be around somewhere. One of the pairs is rather large so I know I didn't accidentally throw them out or anything.

Note: Ganesh is also the god that Apu worships on the Simpsons. And you thought they were just being silly.

Is It Just Me?

Okay I get vending machines in general. Mostly they're impulse items, candy bars, sodas, heck I saw one in an airport that sold i-pods. But I don't understand why you'd want to by acne products from one. I've never used it myself although I'm told it's a good product but I find this marketing technique odd.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Inner Rockstar Making a Play for the Surface

I took Friday off to take Fiona to her checkup so I didn't get a photo. You can imagine jeans & a t-shirt though.

I cleaned our room this weekend and found this sweater which I'd forgotten I owned. It's from Express & I'm quite fond of it. The pants and tank are also from Express and you've seen em before. I did find a bunch of things I hadn't worn on a while though so I'm gonna try to mix it up more.

Okay check out my hair. You may think it looks stupid but I think it's cool. I achieve this effect by sleeping with it in several braids and then I finger comb it in the morning. My flair for drama has been seeping through recently so you may be seeing me trying a few more risky fashion ideas.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ok Finaly Got Access to the Raw Pic from Yesterday

Man! Raw fiasco 2008 is finally under control. Hopefully not so many double posts from now on.

Today (above) I'm wearing pants from Victorias Secret, a shirt from Express, a blazer from Delias and these shoes.

Yesterday I wore a skirt and sweater both from Express and a tank from Old Navy and the fabu shoes I bought for cheap on

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a Thought

I think I'd like to start wearing more black again. I look good in black. Red too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

J&R's Wedding

As promised here are some pics of what people wore to our friends wedding. I will hopefully also post a pic of the bride but I thought I'd give her veto power and as she's currently on her honeymoon.....

First and most importantly here's me! I got the dress at Macy's, and the wrap from Amazon. My jewelry's from Shane Co. (Can you believe I forgot to wear my wedding ring?). My sunglasses are Dior but I got them from Ebay. Dave didn't get my shoes in the picture but they are silver and from Chinese Laundry.

I don't know who this woman was, but is this not an awesome outfit? I could never pull it off but on her it was fabu.
Here's the dress I LOVED! I didn't get a great picture of it and again I don't know who she was but I was in love. I wanted to ask her if it was vintage but never got the chance. Now this one I could wear. The description that comes to my mind is vampire chic. Not goth that's to costumey.
Here's a better picture of the dress but not quite so nice of her. I hope she'll forgive me if she ever sees my site.
And here is an absolutely gorgeous vintage ring that a lady names Cheryl was wearing. She said it had been her grandmothers.

Another Twofer

Allrighty Finally got em up yay!

In hind site I should have switched pants between these two outfits oh well.

Above is what I wore today. Nothing new sadly. I did have an outfit picked out but I couldn't find the skirt I wanted, then it turned out the sweater looked terrible with these pants, and then we were running late. Crap!

Below is what I wore yesterday. Editor pants (shocking I know) and a sweater set from the Victorias Secret catalogue.

At least my hair looks good in both picks. Ummm I should probably admit I'm a bit vain about my hair.

Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge

I've been using this product for about a month. I was putting off writing my review because I didn't really have much to say. I thought it wasn't working but then this morning I was thinking about it while I was putting on my makeup and therefore looking in a mirror and I realised my laugh lines/crows feet are gone.

The instructions say to use it twice a day but I've just been using it once when I wash my face and even then I sometimes forget. I'm using the one pictured #1 but there are also #'s 2 & 3. I figured starting with the lowest level was a good idea. The package says you should consult a dermatologist before using it but of coarse I didn't. You however may want to.

One unexpected side effect is I haven't had a single blemish since I began using it. I normally have very clear skin but lets face it there are those times when were all more prone to breakouts. It even seems to have cleaned out the pores on my nose which have been a problem for me for years.

Once again I'm giving a big ol' thumbs up to a Dermadoctor product.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Minor Delay

Foolish us took today's pic in Raw so I can't access it on this computer. So once I can get to it I'll post it. Also we took pictures yesterday at our friends wedding. There were some Awesome clothes, seriously awesome! But again taken in Raw although this time on purpose. So once we take a look at them & I can decide which are best to post you're in for a treat. Honestly there was one woman there that had a dress I would have killed for. Actually I totally would have mugged her but I think she was thinner than me & my friends wedding is probably not the best place to begin a life of crime.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Days Worth

I didn't get around to posting yesterday mostly through laziness so today's a double dose.

Today I'm wearing the Old Navy Jeans and a sweater from Delias. This sweater is super soft & comfy & I wore it most of the time I was pregnant until I couldn't keep my belly from sticking out the bottom.
Yesterday brown editor pants from Express a blouse I bought on Amazon and also wore for quite a while when I was pregnant & my very most favorite sweatshirt from Lucky Jeans. I bought it in February when I was in Tahoe for my SIL's bachelorette party & I just didn't have enough warm clothes that fit. Keep in mind I'd just had a baby like 8 weeks before normally I would have packed more.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tell Me What You Think

I'm thinking of changing my hair color. Currently it O'Natural. I tried darkening it but it didn't stick. I'm thinking of going red. Any opinions?

I Seem To Wear A Lot Of Blue

I think this sweater is new (to the site) and it's also from Express. I got it and a pink one just like it on sale a couple years ago. The tank and the pants I've shown before and are also from Express.

The weather is transitioning from Summer to Fall so that means it's cold in the mornings and hot in the afternoon so it's hard to figure out what to wear. Layering is your best defence. On the upside I'll be trotting out cold weather stuff I haven't worn here before soon. Downside winter clothes are bulky and unflattering oh well.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summers Last Hurrah

Today's entire outfit it brought to you by Old Navy. Except the shoes which are Steve Madden are about 4 years old & believe it or not are very comfortable.

P.S. Fiona only woke up once last night so today I'm actually functioning.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleep Deprivation Isn't A Beauty Enhancer

My Mother in Law came to stay with us for a few days starting last night. She's an awesome lady who I like very much this isn't going to be an in law rant. She lives in another state so she doesn't get to see Fiona that often and we'd been telling her how happy and well behaved she is now. Yeah that was stupid of us. We jinxed it and she was a complete brat all last night & I mean ALL NIGHT. So I was barely functioning when I got dressed, be happy nothing actually clashes. As a result nothing new today. Editor pants and the teal sweater from Express. The Capelett from Newport News. I will mention that the earrings are from Shane Co. which I don't think I've mentioned before and my purse is from Coach and I bought it at Macy's a couple years ago.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Again

Alrighty! The shirt is from Express & is annoying in that it requires dry cleaning so to quote Mitch Headberg "it's dirty". The jeans are Lucky Brand but I don't remember which cut & I can't check since I'm currently wearing them. They are the one pair of my pre pregnancy jeans I can get in to. The other 3 pairs are a size smaller and I'm not quite ready for them. I should have put on a belt.

That is one kinda nice thing about this project I'm getting to see what I really look like & learn from my mistakes.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is Not THAT Kind of Site

So I was reviewing the pictures we took this morning and it turns out you can see my bra in every single one. I think I need to just give up on wearing button down shirts. So the result is I'm not posting these pics and I'm going to go get my sweatshirt out of the car because now I'm self conscious. I'll see if I can come up with a picture of someone/something else latter.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feelin' Blue

I have a white shirt I sometimes wear with these pants & I always think I look like Homer Simpson.

Okay the pants are from Wet Seal (I think) and I believe both sweaters are from Express.

And my hair is behaving again.
Edit: Oh & BTW I have on the world's largest most unattractive but also most comfortable pair of Grannie Panties under there. Ha ha there's a visual you totally didn't want!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ohhhhhh The Weather Outside Is Frightfull

It's chilly today. Hence the awkward posture.

This is my final pair of Editor pants. Final as in last new ones you'll see, not I'm gonna stop wearing them. Both tanks and the little bolero jacket are from Express.

Behind me is our neighborhood but the only house you can see clearly is in foreclosure. Yay?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not At All Ready For The Work Week

These are not Editor pants aren't you excited? I think they are from the Delias catalogue. I've had them for years (at least 6). I got them just when cargo pants were coming in to style if that tells you anything.

The tank & the sweater are both from Express I think but again they are years old.

Sadly my hair is back to being crazy. What's up with that?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wish List

Do you ever just have an idea for something you'd like to wear but you haven't actually seen any ware? I do it all the time. I've even managed a couple times to find the items I've pictured. At the moment though I've got 3 items in my head that I just can't find quite what I want.

#1 an A line denim skirt similar to the one pictured below. But not that one because it's $254 which is crazy for....well actually any fabric but particularly denim.

#2 A sweater vest. Not one that comes with a fake shirt sewn in. A real one made for a woman. Did you know that there's even a

#3. Moss Green Mary Jane's with a big shiny button on the clasp. Don't know why I think these would be so cool but I do.

Good Hair Day

Two days in a row, I'm on a roll!

These are my same flirt jeans from Old Navy. They're to big but they're comfy. The tank is from Old Navy and the Sweater is from Express.

I finally got my hair to behave the way I want it to. It was too fluffy when I first got it cut. I'm just not a big hair girl.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Childrens Fashion

I've been brousing baby clothes on line. Doing a little pre Christmas shoping. I've been very annoyed over all by the fact that just about everything is pretty much the same and pink (at least for girls). I've discovered that you gotta pay if you want to get anything really cute and since they outgrow them so fast I'm extra cheap when it comes to baby clothes.

Oh well here are some items I like but either I can't afford or don't come in Fiona's size. Click on the links even if you don't think they're cute because some of these prices are gonna blow your mind.

Here is the dress above

I love these little socks but they're to small for Fiona so I'm waiting for someone I know to have a girl so I can give them as a gift.

She does need a jacket but $215 is more than I'd spend on one for me.

Even for babies I love shoes and these are super cool.

An check out this tutu

This is outfit is another one I'll have to give as a gift.

I would wear this top if it came in my size.

This just made me laugh. Why would you buy your son a Tux with tails?

And I don't know about this outfit but that little boy sure is cute.

My Triumphant Return

I had Jury Duty yesterday so I couldn't post & Dave left before I was ready so I couldn't get a picture of what I wore. Man it's been a comedy of errors recently. Gracious!
Alright today I'm wearing brown Editor Pants (I know I need to start mixing it up) and a gold top from Express. The cami I've got on underneath is also from Express. & Once again my famous bronze boots from Ebay. I hope it was worth the wait.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

I've been using Pantene products for years and generally find them to be good quality products that do what they say they will. I recently switched from the moisturizing formula to the Beautiful Lengths formula and had been very happy. Dry hair is a common problem with long hair but this keeps it moisturized without making it limp.

I also found out that they are sponsoring a program that benefits cancer patients. People donate their hair to be made in to wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair.

There are other programs that do the same or similar thing . My Mom's actually done this through Locks of Love . These are good causes so pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested.

I'm Always On Time Honest

Friday because we knew traffic was going to be hellish we took the train. We almost didn't make it. I mean literally Dave was buying the tickets while I stood in the train door so they couldn't close. So no pic on Friday sorry. Actually the train ride was nice and avoiding all the horrible traffic was wonderful.

Today we had to take Fiona down to my Mom's house & we overslept by like 20 mins and then traffic was every bit as bad as we'd expected it to be on Friday so we got to work an hour late. So again no pic. Ummm yeah I'm kinda failing at my mission. Really we are both perpetually early so taking five mins to get my picture in the morning is usually not an issue but we've been having some problems recently. I think we need a new alarm clock. Any way I'm sorry about that. I'll see if we can take one latter and I do have a couple things I've been planing to post that I'll get to latter.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Was Told to Dress Cute Today. This is What I Came Up With

Alright the skirt is from Express and so are the tank and the Sweater. I used to shop there quite a bit and many of the items I bought have held up well. The blazer is the same one I wore here that I bought at Macy's.

I've rethought the lipstick since this picture was taken. I don't think I can really pull off the bright red lips. Not during the day anyway.