Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Was Told to Dress Cute Today. This is What I Came Up With

Alright the skirt is from Express and so are the tank and the Sweater. I used to shop there quite a bit and many of the items I bought have held up well. The blazer is the same one I wore here that I bought at Macy's.

I've rethought the lipstick since this picture was taken. I don't think I can really pull off the bright red lips. Not during the day anyway.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do The Hustle do do do do do do do do do

This top always makes me feel like a disco ball. I got it a Macy's a couple years ago. The pants are (you guessed it) Editor from Express. I did seriously consider wearing different pants today but these won out in the end. Also please appreciate that I managed get my hair to not look weird today. You know how I did it? Complete lack of products. Washed it last night used the big curling iron this morning to smooth it out & viola.

As a bonus today I'm throwing in this picture of me looking perturbed because I think it's funny. In reality I was wondering why a Sheriff's deputy was cruising slowly down our street. Let's hope he was just going home or something.
Oh lastly I know I need to dead head the poor rose tree. My roses have suffered since Fiona was born.

Something to Make You Laugh

This site is no longer active but the old posts are hilarious and frankly scary .I'm pretty sure my Mom made me some of these because I recognize the patterns.

I'm fairly certain Mom made this in peach when she was a bridesmaid.

I knew someone who had one of these. It may have been me but I blocked it out.

I'm sure of this one. It was green and I still have the matching black shawl.

Oh yeah and this one too. There were actually two of em & one was rainbow. I was the envy of all the other 10 year old girls. NOT. I totaly got my ass kicked.

Anyway here's the link check it out

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm having the urge to learn how to sew & knit.

These are not things I do. I do not cook or clean or make clothing. It's in my contract.

Perhaps it's part of the maternal instinct to force your child to wear humiliating home made clothes.

I will resist the temptation. I am stronger than the pattern for an entirely knitted layette set. Shudder.

Thank you

Shades of Grey

Told you I wear a lot of grey. Of coarse today it was all to go with my new shoes (click to enlarge picture and see shoes better). They're Steve Madden. I got them on sale. The only think I'm not sure I like about them is I think they're higher than I'm used to. I think they're 4 1/2-5 inches & I usually don't buy shoes higher than 4 and I only wear them occasionally. Oh well I'll get used to em.

The pants are more Edditor from Express. I believe the shirt is also from Express and it's sleeveless which is why I'm wearing the capelett (I didn't name it, that's what it's called) which I also wore here and is from Newport News. The gloves are the ones I showed here and are a complete affectation.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday monday ba da da da da da

Check out how thin I appear to have gotten. Still got a few pounds to go but I'm just sayin'.

Anyway Editor pants (you're shocked) today khaki with a white pinstripe. I didn't notice until I got to work that I need to fix the hem on the left pant leg so I went all McGyver and stapled it so I'm not tripping over it all day. The tank is also from Express and the little white sweater is from Old Navy. The shoes are also from Sofft like the black ones I wear a lot but these are cuter however they don't fit me quite rite so they flop around when I walk which is annoying.

I'd like to point out that's not a problem with the shoes themselves. I seem to have oddly shaped feet because I can't wear pumps or slingbacks or even ballet flats. I guess I have a narrow heel so if I don't have an ankle strap the shoe will flop around. These have a strap but it's not high enough up on my foot to prevent the flapping. It's tragic really since there are so many cute shoes I can't wear.

I would also like to state for the record that I'm a dork. We went out to dinner on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary and I intended to take a picture to post but I completely forgot until we were already at the restaurant and didn't have the camera with us. I looked cute too, the hostess even said so ( I heart complements from strangers). Oh well I'll have to recreate the outfit for work one day. The problem is I am not a morning person (no really the people who read this who actually know me can tell you) and I put the minimum amount of effort in to getting ready for work. I'm a little better now since I know I'm going to have my picture taken but I'd still rather sleep a few more minutes than spend the time on my hair and makeup.

Finally a special thank you to Dave's brother and his wife(B&J, who don't read this but that doesn't matter) for watching Fiona for a couple hours while we had dinner. It was so nice to be grownups and have adult conversations that don't get interrupted with sentences that contain words like binky and poo. I hope to be able to return the favor in the very near future.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Didn't Go To Work Today

Long story why I'm at home today....Actually no, I called in. Short story very boring. Here's a longer story that is hopefully interesting.

A couple years ago I worked for a company that was not doing well as a result of several really bad management decisions. True to form the management decided the way to fix our problems was mandatory over time. Yes it's legal, at least in CA. Other states may have different laws.

Now I don't mind doing some overtime to get caught up or for a special project and this wouldn't have been an issue if it had only been for a few days. Even a couple weeks wouldn't have been a problem although I feel that a month is pushing the limits of what you should expect an employee to comply with. I know your thinking "A month! That's crazy!" Nope not a month. Eight months...straight. It sucked! The one upside was the extra money. Not only was I getting overtime pay but I didn't have any free time to spend it. Eventually decided I wanted to get myself a treat so I bought a set of pearls.

I was all excited because #1 these were the first fine jewelry I'd ever owned besides my Mom's ring I showed you on Wednesday and #2 I really like pearls. They weren't in fashion at the time but I didn't care. I remember I was with a friend shortly after I'd bought them and she was saying that only old women wear pearls and she never would. I just smiled to myself. That same friend begged her boyfriend to get her pearls for Christmas a couple years ago. And hers are very nice definitely more expensive than mine and probably better quality but I earned mine and I love them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Editor Pants Get Used To It

Yep these pants are exactly like the ones I was wearing yesterday but they're black rather than navy pin stripe (I like pinstripes you may notice a pattern).

The shirt is from H&M. I shouldn't wear shirts that button. I'm not sure any woman should. They are not designed for curves oh well. It's polka dot which you should be able to see if you click on the picture.

Check out the shoes though. They aren't quite the same as the ones I talked about here but they have the same vibe. They were $19.99 and I got them from (whom I've been at war with but am currently in a truce with). They also come in pink/white and yellow/white. They don't have to pink in my size but I've been eyeing the yellow because #1 I like brightly colored shoes and #2 I have a history of buying things I like in multiple colors hence the pants.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today Is My Anniversary

My Wedding anniversary that is. Our dating anniversary is on Halloween but we don't celebrate it any more except for last year because we'd been together for 10 years (yay us). Below is a picture of my wedding/engagement ring. "That's not a diamond!" you exclaim. How clever of you to pick up on it. Actually diamonds have only been considered traditional since the 1940's. It's due to a campaign by DeBeers who basically own ALL the diamonds on the market at a given time and therefore control the price. Don't believe me look it up. Anyway I find that annoying and like colored stones better anyway so I wanted (and got) a sapphire. Not to put down anyone else's choice of diamonds, they can be gorgeous.

Any way sapphires are almost a tradition in my family. If you scroll down you can see my Mom's engagement ring. It's a star Sapphire although you can't see the star in this picture. My parents gave each other new rings for their 15th anniversary and gave me my Mom's ring which I've worn ever since. I'll pass it on to Fiona some day. Maybe when she gets married. That would be a nice tradition to start. My Mom also has my great grandmothers engagement ring which is a sapphire and I guess I'll have it to pass on someday too.

If you'd like to see more wedding related pictures check out my other site. I'm about to put up a video Dave made for me last year for our 10 year (dating) anniversary. Yay Dave I love him. I think I'll keep him.

Hey you can see the star if you click on the picture

Whole New Vista's in Pants Wearing

Check out these pants. Aren't they beautiful? Do you know what they are? pre-baby pants! That's rite I am back down to pre-baby size watch me do a little happy dance (ya ta tat ta). I haven't weighed myself since Saturday and if you remember my reference to cramps yesterday you'll know that this is a bad week for weighing in. I suspect I've still got 5 or 6 pounds to go but I could cry I'm so happy to be back in my real clothes.

These fabulous pants are from Express. The style is the Editor. This particular pair are wide leg. You'll be seeing several pairs of Editor pants because I find them to be perfect for work. The sweater is also from Express and is quite similar to both the white sweater and the red sweater but it's a cardigan. I'm actually not fond of this sweater but we woke up 20 minutes late & it was convenient.

Now I will be honest I don't think I can get in to my pre-baby jeans (except the one pair that used to be to big & are now tight) but give me a few more weeks.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Had to Know Reruns Were Coming

There are only so many items in my wardrobe that are work appropriate (and not waiting to be dry cleaned) so these are the pants I wore here and the sweater I wore here I actually have some other items to show you but I have cramps today and didn't feel like making the effort.

We brought Fiona down to my Mom's house today which is why she was with us. Fiona is wearing a fabulous flowered sleep and play that I have no idea where we got it but it's Carters they sell em everywhere. Run rite out and buy one, it's what all the well dressed babies are wearing this season.

Our neighbors probably think were crazy (and their not wrong) because we take my picture in front of our garage most mornings. Well that can make for fun neighborhood gossip. I do think the still sleepy puffy look that my eyes seem to always have in these pictures is less than flattering but hey it's honest. I never claimed to be a beauty queen. Just very narcissistic.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Long Sleeves in August?

What's that, did I loose weight? Why yes thank you for noticing. As of Saturday morning I'd lost 3 pounds which leaves 9 more to pre baby weight. Yay I may be able to get in to my favorite work pants by next week (keep your finger crossed). I'll be able to show a bit more variety in my wardrobe.
This shirt is from the Victoria's Secret catalogue. It's 100% cotton which makes it really comfortable although it usually needs to be ironed after I wash it which means I don't wear it very often. These are the same pants I wore here . I like to use grey as a neutral it's less stark than black or white.
I've been meaning to explain why I've been wearing all these long sleeves and sweaters in August in California. This has been a very mild summer. Last summer was too. Also my office in Emeryville is actually on the watter and anyone who lives near watter can tell you it's cooler the closer you get to the shore. Today however is ridiculous. It was raining on our way to work, just sprinkling but still the average rain fall for August is 0%. This is why picked August for our out door wedding. I pointed out to Dave that if this were 3 years ago I'd be crying (our anniversary is on Wednesday).

Saturday Wear

We never got around to taking a fresh pic on Friday (it was a crazy day) so I'm breaking from tradition and showing you what I wore when we went out to dinner on Saturday. We went to Amici's Pizza in Vacaville. If it was some where fancier I'd have put on something else.

I was hoping to capture the coolness of my hair but I'm not sure you can tell how wavy it was. I used Bumble and Bumble surf spray after I washed it and let it air dry. It looked like I'd pent the day at the beach. If we'd actually spent the day at the beach my skin would be the same color as the tank top, I'm so pale.

The jeans are the same Old Navy ones you've seen before the cut is called the Flirt by the way. I got that tank at Kohls last year shortly before I found out I was pregnant so I think this is the second time I've worn it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

No Sir I Don't Like It

I was just getting ready to post today's picture when I actually looked at the pictures I have to choose from and....yeah I'm NOT putting any of those up on the web. I know that several I've already posted have been unfaltering but these were just awful. I was standing in a weird position, 2 of em were over exposed, I had a chunk of hair that fell out flying around in the wind, and because of the angle my Ass looks like it could take over the world. We'll have to take new ones later. I've got something else I'll be putting up in a bit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've Always Had A Fondness For Vests

This is my friend Michelle. Isn't she cute? This is what she was wearing yesterday. I love vests they make your waist look smaller (she's thin to begin with). I like that she paired it with a feminine pink shirt with puffed sleeves and if I recall it had little ruffles too.

Attempting the Grey Eyeshadow Dark Lips Thing

grumpy face

Lets take a moment to talk about my boobs (Oh the hits I'm gonna get from that ha ha). I'm not sure if it comes through clearly in the pictures but this shirt has a ruffle down the front which is usually something I avoid like the plague (Strange phrase. The plague is pretty easy to avoid ruffles less so) because lets be honest my boobs don't need any enhancing. I was a D cup before I went in to high school and for some unknown reason I gained another cup size a couple years ago and then I got pregnant (sigh). This shirt strangely actually minimises the scary hugeness of my chest and as an added bonus makes me look thinner than I really am. Which is why it's important to occasionally try something you would normally avoid.

The shirt is from Newport News. The pants are (you guessed it) Old Navy. You can't really see my earrings but they're from Shane Co. The shoes (which you also can't see very well ) are black Mary Jane's from a company called Soft and are pretty much my every day work shoes because they are so comfortable and versatile.

I was reading an article over the weekend in Lucky about dark lips being in so I'm being brave and trying it out. Generally I go for very natural makeup and only do red lips if were going somewhere in the evening. The whole effect today is a bit goth or vampy which is cool with me I feel kinda sexy and I've already been told three times today that I look nice (sweet).


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Burts Bee's Lip Shimmer

I have a thing about lip products. I must own 50 lipsticks and glosses (mostly glosses). I've admitted various times to having a dozen or more in my purse at a given time.

I have a Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in the color Merlot and I love it. It's actually a chap stick with a little color. It makes my lips very soft and it tingles a bit. It has a peasant scent to it and tastes nice as well. I believe it's all natural but I may be remembering wrong.

The same company makes a line of baby products (Burt's Baby Bee) which I've been wanting to try out but haven't had an opportunity. If I do I'll let you know how Fiona and I like them.

The White Sweater and Something Unexpected

Here's the white sweater that I thought the Red Sweater was like but it wasn't really. The sweater is from Express,I think the cami is too but I've had it for years and the pants I think I got at Wet Seal of all places but it was a looooong time ago. By the way I love pearls, they dress up any outfit. It's not a great picture but we slept through the alarm (again) so be happy we remembered to take one.

Here's the surprise. For no reason that I can determine yesterday this site had an unprecedented surge in traffic. So welcome new people, pull up a chair, have some ice tea it's unsweetened so you'll have to add your own sugar. And while I'm at it welcome back to my returning visitors, you too may have some tea and I know I must have some cookies here some ware.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Hate Ironing and The Dryer Isn't Fixed Yet

Yep those pants are pretty wrinkly. Both pants and shirt are from Old Navy and once again the pants are to large. On that note I've started a diet if it works I'll tell ya all about it.....if it doesn't work we'll never speak of this again. Those are my boots from Ebay again. The sunglasses too are from Ebay and I should have taken them off before we took the picture but I forgot.

I Hope It Was Worth It

Good lord! Do you have any idea what I...okay Dave had to do to get these pictures up? The light room demo we had expired but the new version Dave bought hasn't arrived and the copy of Photoshop we had wasn't working rite so then we had to go to the laptop but I couldn't get the pictures to open so Dave had to do something or other. Any way long story short, it's a good thing I married an IT guy.

Okay so this is what I was wearing once we got home Monday. Originally I'd had on a silk blouse but that's not so good for holding a drooly baby. Speaking of babies, miss Fiona is the most important accessory to all my outfits.

Dove Clinical Protection Anti Persperant

I've been trying to find a deodorant I liked for a couple years. I used Soft & Dry for a while but it left a film on my clothes even thought it said it wouldn't. I then tried the Degree product with the commercials that said "little black dress approved" and it worked and didn't leave marks but I guess I was allergic to it because my armpits swelled up (sounds funny I know but it was painful). Then I tried the regular Dove product and it didn't leave marks but it wasn't very strong so I was afraid of getting smelly. Then I tried a product from Secret that worked alright but when I went to the store to buy more they were out so I tried this product and I've been pleased. I haven't felt damp of noticed any smell at the end of the day and although I don't know if this product is designed to not leave white marks it hasn't so far as I can tell.
It is a little strange that the instructions for this deodorant tell you to put it on before bed but since I shower at night it works out for me. There have been a couple times on the weekends when I rebelled and put it on during the day and it's been fine. I always try to buy things unscented or with the lightest possible scent since you don't want your deodorant, detergent, shampoo, and soap to all combine into an overwhelming cloud. The one I bought said clean scent or something like that and I can't smell it at all so I'm happy. I was a little wary of trying clinical strength because I don't think I particularly need it but because I found the regular Dove product to be weak I think this might be less powerful than the clinical strength products from other brands. I've been pleased so far and assuming they have it in stock when I go to the store I'll buy it again.

My Punishment

Here as atonement for my photo issues of the last two days a picture of me in high school. Those of you who know me personally have already seen this one but I had to work with what I've got on hand. BTW I did that fabulous cut myself no flowbee for me, freehand baby.

Today I Have Pictures Honest

Unfortunately I can't get to them at the moment because we took them in raw rather than jpeg so I'll have to convert em and I don't have photoshop on this computer. I feel bad 'cause I can see that I've already had a couple visitors this morning. I'm pleased by the enthusiasm. Hi early morning visitors! We even remembered to take a picture last night although it's not real exciting. Anyhow I will get these up as soon as I can but it probably won't be until tonight. In the mean time I'll put up a review once I can get it written. Sorry for the technical difficulties and thanks for your patience.

Monday, August 11, 2008

More Things I'd Like But Can't Afford

You may be noticing a theme recently. The fact is cliche as it is I love shoes. I need to get some new ones. Those of you who know me are saying "But Dani you have dozens of pairs of shoes" and it's true but most of them are 5, 7, 10 years old and not necessarily standing up very well any more.

Since I'm on a budget (aren't we all) I'm trying to figure out what's going to be the best investment. Will they go with most of my outfits? Can they go from formal to casual? Will they hold up for 5, 7, or 10 years?

I'm really liking these sorts of shoes. They are described as ankle boots but they aren't very boot like. I like the versatility they'd go with either pants or a skirt and with say a funky tee and the rite jacket you could even wear them with jeans.

We Were Running Late

Somehow we both slept through our alarm this morning so we forgot to take a pic this morning. Now that I've had a chance to really take a look at myself (in the unflattering neon light of a public restroom) I'm second guessing this outfit any way. However I will get Dave to take a pic of me tonight when we get home either in this outfit or in what I change in to for comfort. I've been skipping my at home wardrobe because I'm sure you can all imagine jeans or jammy bottoms with tanks but to be honest that's what I wear more often than anything else. And who doesn't like a cleaning the house hairdo?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dermadoctor KP Duty

I get these yucky bumps all over my upper arms. And then I have the charming habit of picking at them so they're red and sometimes bleeding (Eeeeewww I know). Well this worried me when I was getting married since my dress had spaghetti straps and I didn't want my arms to look nasty. Then one day I was looking through the new Sepohra catalogue and saw this product. Apparently the yucky bumps are called Keratosis Pilaris sometimes refered to as Chicken Shin (charming). I bought a tube of KP duty and used it faithfully morning and night and it took care of the problem. My arms were smooth and lovely for my wedding and the icky bumps didn't come back for 2 years. I'm using it again and it's working again. If you suffer from this problem or other dry skin related issues I highly recommend KP duty.

I've just recently started using 2 other Dermadoctor products. It hasn't been long enough to make a definitive judgement yet but so far I'm happy. Once I feel confident that I've got enough data I'll let you know how I like them as well.

I Like it, I Like it A Lot

Jubiss 2

This is my friend Jubiss. Hi Jubiss! She recently got her hair cut and although it didn't look bad before I'm of the opinion that it looks super cute now. Very flattering on her. I also really like the shirt she's wearing today. I didn't ask her where she bought it but I'm guessing Kohls since I know that's where she likes to shop.

I'm pleased with the current trend toward very feminine clothes. I like lush fabrics that flow and billow. Sometimes it's taken to far but a puffed sleeve with jeans looks nice.

Jubiss 3

Better Than Wearning a Bathrobe to Work


Yes it's casual day but our dryer broke so I couldn't wash my jeans. Well I could wash them, but who wants to wear wet denim? I got both the dress and the blazer at Macy's at different times. The dress was part of my preparing to be pregnant shopping where I bought things that would be forgiving as I got a belly but I never wore it until recently. That necklace was a birthday gift from Dave last month. And the tights are irritating me, they keep bunching up or drooping in awkward places. I think I need new ones.

Things I would have said if I'd come to work in my bathrobe.

#1. What? It's a mini dress.

#2. It is casual Friday

#3. It's come as you are day. What I'm not allowed to have my own theme days? (Dave came up with that one

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Heart Steve Madden

I'm not sure why but I've always had a thing for leopard print. Even when animal prints were "out". I'm not going to wear a whole outfit in leopard but for an accessory or possibly one item making a bold statement I love em.

I also have a fondness for Steve Madden shoes. I've owned several pairs and they last for years and believe it or not are very comfortable. They also trend to be reasonable priced for what you're getting.

These two facts are why I covet these shoes. I can't justify buying them at the moment but I'll keep my eye on em and maybe when they go on sale.......Mmmmmmm.

The Red Sweater


Actually it turns out this sweater isn't exactly like my white one. The sleeves are a little puffy. I like it. This is a terrible picture of me but it shows the sleeves off to their best advantage. The Tank is also from Express and the pants are from Old Navy and are to big.

I'm at a weird stage in loosing my baby weight. I'm to small for all the clothes I was forced to buy to come back to work but I'm still one size larger than my pre baby clothes and I refuse to buy pants in what I'm hoping will be the wrong size soon.

Now that my new fridge has arrived (yesterday yay!) I'm hoping to start slim fast to help me get rid of those last few pounds. I really should start exercising too but I'm not sure when I'm going to find time for it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8/6/08 A New Sweater and Some Old Stuff


Yesterday I went shopping at lunch time (upside to Dave being out sick) and spent my birthday money.

Yes I still get birthday money at my age. My parents know better than to try to pick something out for me. No one has successfully bought me clothes I didn't hate since before puberty.

The upside to shopping on a budget is you want to make sure you are making the money go as far as possible. In the past I've made the mistake of trying to get as many inexpensive things for the money as I can but I've finally learned that I'm never really happy with my choices. So yesterday I wanted to get at least one thing I really liked. I went to H&M, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, and finally Express. I eventually wound up buying 2 sweaters at Express. One was a red sweater that I already have in white and is one of my favorite items and the other is the teal sweater I'm wearing today. It's lightweight so I can wear it comfortably even when it's not cold and I like that it's short sleeved. They have it in a couple colors if your interested.

The skirt and tights I've both had for years. They are from the Victoria's Secret catalogue. I used to get all my clothes from there but can't afford to anymore. If however it's within your budget I highly recommend them. Their clothes are good for women who have curves. Their models are not so much with the stick figures.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sorry No Picture Today

Dave wasn't feeling well today and it just seemed rude to ask him to get out of bed to take a picture of me. If I'm not to rumpled by the end of the day maybe I'll take a pic then and post it tomorrow maybe even if I am rumpled since that's probably my natural state.

Any way here's something I found out yesterday. If you got to the Oil of Olay web site you can get free samples and coupons for various products. Although it was a little weird to me that in order to get the free sample of Pantene I had to accept either an offer for Prilosec or Tide. I don't get heartburn and I'm allergic to Tide (seriously rash EVERYWHERE not fun) but I just accepted a coupon for Tide and figure I'll pass it on to someone else. If I like the Pantene sample when I get it I'll let ya'll know

Monday, August 4, 2008

Oil of Olay Microdermabrasion and Peel

I've used this product off and on for a couple years. For me it really did brighten skin and diminish fine lines and better than the (few) expensive products I've tried. I'm okay with looking my age but who wants to look any older than they have to. It works by removing a couple dead layers of skin (lovely image I know) which isn't as extreme as a treatment you might get from a Dermatologist. It costs about the same as a facial but you get several treatments for the price.

For some reason I get an error when I try to upload a picture but here is a link to the Olay site.

Monday 8/4/08

Today's outfit & an after picture of my hair


This shirt is a bit of a departure for me. I don't usually wear things that hang straight down like that because I'm busty and if it's not done rite I just look fat. I would have tucked the blouse in but the pants are also a little to big because I'm still in the process of loosing baby weight.

I like the hair cut. I'm still getting the hang of styling it so if you think it looks weird give me a couple days. It's so fluffy now also for some reason my hair tries to curl for a few days every time I cut it which is strange because it's normally very straight.

Note to self: If you're going to have your picture taken every day you need to do something about your eye makeup.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mission Statement

My original idea for this blog was just to take a picture each day of what I'm wearing. Like many women I want to make a fashion statement but I'm on a budget. My personal taste tends to be a bit dramatic so what I'm wearing each day won't appeal to everyone but what I'm hoping to do is inspire others to search for those special pieces that make them feel glamorous without getting themselves in debt. I'm going to include recommendations for health, beauty, home, clothing etc. I'm also hoping to include pictures of other people I meet who are making a statement.

On with the show. This is what I'm wearing today.


I've had this coat from Newport News for a while but I wasn't sure what to wear it with. The jeans and tank are from Old Navy. I think I got the belt at Anchor Blue but it may have been Express. The Necklace is Tiffany but I got it on Ebay.

And here are my boots which I also got from Ebay. I love Ebay.


P.S. Please ignore my weird hair. I've got an appointment to get it cut this afternoon. The last time I got it cut was in March and it looked horrible so I've been growing it out. If it looks good this afternoon I'll post after pics. If it doesn't look good I won't be posting any pics that show my head for a while.

Hair cut

IM conversation with friend who recommended a new place to get my hair cut

Me: I'm going to your salon to get my hair cut this afternoon. If it doesn't come out well you'll be suffering my retribution on Monday :)

Friend: LOL, you got Bill yeah?

Me: yep

Friend: Make sure he knows who sent ya. And tell him what you told me :)

Me: I'll wait until he's done cutting to threaten him.

Less Sexy and More Pratical

I used to do Pleasure Parties. Let me tell you you can make some good money selling ummm romantic enhancements. Although total strangers felt comfortable telling me their intimate details which I was not cool with.

That's how I discovered Honey Dust . I used to demonstrate it by poring some on the top of a glass of watter, then I'd put my finger through it in to the watter pull it back out and show the guests that it remained dry. This stuff is super absorbent.


It's edible and made by a company called Kama Sutra which is why we sold it at the pleasure parties but I personally have never used it in a sexy way. To be perfectly honest I've used it in some extremely un-sexy ways. I like to use it in the summer when you get moist in uncomfortable places like under your breasts or the small of your back. I worked with a girl who swore by putting it in her shoes to prevent stinky sweaty feet.

I got married in August three years ago (well on the 20th). It was August in California so of coarse it was hot and although my dress was very pretty it didn't breathe well at all. Once we were done taking the pre ceremony pictures I was sweaty and uncomfortable and the wedding hadn't even started. One of my bridesmaids had brought her Honey Dust and (this is the mark of a really good friend) she dusted my thighs for me since I couldn't get to them with my skirt in the way. I was comfortable the rest of the day, including the outdoor ceremony and dancing until my legs were ready to fall off.

In my opinion Honey Dust is a must have for all women. Being comfortable is always in fashion.

Edit 8/4/08: I forgot I've also used this as hair powder. I'm not sure how well it would work for darker hair but it works great in between showers if your hair is light. It keeps your hair from getting all limp and greasy.