Friday, December 18, 2009

But I Do Wear A LOT of Eyeliner

So over the last year or so I've found that I'm really attracted to some goth(ish) fashion statements. Does this mean I'm going to start dressing like this?

Uh noooo. Not unless I'm going to a costume party or I'm in a play or something. But that is a mighty cool picture (sorry I don't actually know the original source).

The thing is what I really like is Victorian inspired fashion. As illustrated here. And I've always loved things that were well a little dark or spooky (Edward Gorey, Edgar Allen Poe, Ummm some other guy named Ed...).

By the way I knew there was a difference between Goth and Vampire (thanks to South Park) but apparently there's also Gothic Lolita (which is different from Goth) and Steampunk which is a whole other thing. And then there's EMO which oddly gets confused with Goth but seems to me to be related to Punk (which used to mean something totally different). I spent a LONG time on google trying to straighten out all the different trends and mostly just got confused. I also found out that Cosplay is not a fetish thing (I was confused because I kept seeing the term along with BDSM terms.... you come across interesting things when you go to web sites that sell corsets)

Okay sorry got distracted there for a minute. Here are a few things I found on Amazon that I would love to own. And may eventually buy.

I mentioned Poe right?

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