Friday, August 1, 2008

Mission Statement

My original idea for this blog was just to take a picture each day of what I'm wearing. Like many women I want to make a fashion statement but I'm on a budget. My personal taste tends to be a bit dramatic so what I'm wearing each day won't appeal to everyone but what I'm hoping to do is inspire others to search for those special pieces that make them feel glamorous without getting themselves in debt. I'm going to include recommendations for health, beauty, home, clothing etc. I'm also hoping to include pictures of other people I meet who are making a statement.

On with the show. This is what I'm wearing today.


I've had this coat from Newport News for a while but I wasn't sure what to wear it with. The jeans and tank are from Old Navy. I think I got the belt at Anchor Blue but it may have been Express. The Necklace is Tiffany but I got it on Ebay.

And here are my boots which I also got from Ebay. I love Ebay.


P.S. Please ignore my weird hair. I've got an appointment to get it cut this afternoon. The last time I got it cut was in March and it looked horrible so I've been growing it out. If it looks good this afternoon I'll post after pics. If it doesn't look good I won't be posting any pics that show my head for a while.

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