Thursday, September 4, 2008

Childrens Fashion

I've been brousing baby clothes on line. Doing a little pre Christmas shoping. I've been very annoyed over all by the fact that just about everything is pretty much the same and pink (at least for girls). I've discovered that you gotta pay if you want to get anything really cute and since they outgrow them so fast I'm extra cheap when it comes to baby clothes.

Oh well here are some items I like but either I can't afford or don't come in Fiona's size. Click on the links even if you don't think they're cute because some of these prices are gonna blow your mind.

Here is the dress above

I love these little socks but they're to small for Fiona so I'm waiting for someone I know to have a girl so I can give them as a gift.

She does need a jacket but $215 is more than I'd spend on one for me.

Even for babies I love shoes and these are super cool.

An check out this tutu

This is outfit is another one I'll have to give as a gift.

I would wear this top if it came in my size.

This just made me laugh. Why would you buy your son a Tux with tails?

And I don't know about this outfit but that little boy sure is cute.

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