Tuesday, September 23, 2008

J&R's Wedding

As promised here are some pics of what people wore to our friends wedding. I will hopefully also post a pic of the bride but I thought I'd give her veto power and as she's currently on her honeymoon.....

First and most importantly here's me! I got the dress at Macy's, and the wrap from Amazon. My jewelry's from Shane Co. (Can you believe I forgot to wear my wedding ring?). My sunglasses are Dior but I got them from Ebay. Dave didn't get my shoes in the picture but they are silver and from Chinese Laundry.

I don't know who this woman was, but is this not an awesome outfit? I could never pull it off but on her it was fabu.
Here's the dress I LOVED! I didn't get a great picture of it and again I don't know who she was but I was in love. I wanted to ask her if it was vintage but never got the chance. Now this one I could wear. The description that comes to my mind is vampire chic. Not goth that's to costumey.
Here's a better picture of the dress but not quite so nice of her. I hope she'll forgive me if she ever sees my site.
And here is an absolutely gorgeous vintage ring that a lady names Cheryl was wearing. She said it had been her grandmothers.

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