Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Always On Time Honest

Friday because we knew traffic was going to be hellish we took the train. We almost didn't make it. I mean literally Dave was buying the tickets while I stood in the train door so they couldn't close. So no pic on Friday sorry. Actually the train ride was nice and avoiding all the horrible traffic was wonderful.

Today we had to take Fiona down to my Mom's house & we overslept by like 20 mins and then traffic was every bit as bad as we'd expected it to be on Friday so we got to work an hour late. So again no pic. Ummm yeah I'm kinda failing at my mission. Really we are both perpetually early so taking five mins to get my picture in the morning is usually not an issue but we've been having some problems recently. I think we need a new alarm clock. Any way I'm sorry about that. I'll see if we can take one latter and I do have a couple things I've been planing to post that I'll get to latter.

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