Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something New!

I was going to wear a dress today but then we were running late so I just went with what was easy. But never fear I was thinking of you when I picked. It's funny how much thought I'm putting in to my outfits these days trying not to be too repetitive.

Alright the ever present Editor pants from Express. These ones are actually charcoal grey although I'm not sure that's clear in the picture. This is actually the second pair I've had this color I liked the other ones so much that when they finally fell apart (after several years) I went out & got a new pair. The sweater and tank are from (Drum roll. Ba da da da da da) Target. Funky hu? I've bought a few things at Target over the years that I loved. I've also bought things that just didn't last that long. It's kind of hit or miss. This sweater though I'm very fond of.

My necklace (which again I'm sure you can't see very well) is interesting. It's not a pearl as it appears to be. It's actually a tiny little carving of Ganesh. Who's Ganesh you ask, Ganesh is a deity (Hindu I think but I could easily be wrong). Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. My Mom gave me this charm years ago. I think she was hoping it would get Dave of his butt and down on one knee if you know what I'm saying. I seriously doubt it had anything to do with our nuptials but it's pretty and the though was sweet. I found this necklace while I was cleaning this weekend along with a bunch of other jewelry I'd forgotten about. Sadly I didn't find the 2 pairs of earrings I was specifically looking for but they must be around somewhere. One of the pairs is rather large so I know I didn't accidentally throw them out or anything.

Note: Ganesh is also the god that Apu worships on the Simpsons. And you thought they were just being silly.

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