Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleep Deprivation Isn't A Beauty Enhancer

My Mother in Law came to stay with us for a few days starting last night. She's an awesome lady who I like very much this isn't going to be an in law rant. She lives in another state so she doesn't get to see Fiona that often and we'd been telling her how happy and well behaved she is now. Yeah that was stupid of us. We jinxed it and she was a complete brat all last night & I mean ALL NIGHT. So I was barely functioning when I got dressed, be happy nothing actually clashes. As a result nothing new today. Editor pants and the teal sweater from Express. The Capelett from Newport News. I will mention that the earrings are from Shane Co. which I don't think I've mentioned before and my purse is from Coach and I bought it at Macy's a couple years ago.

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