Friday, October 10, 2008

Classic casual

So just to mix it up on this windy Friday not a single thing I'm wearing today is from Express. What can I say they make things that last.

These are Sweet n' Low jeans from Lucky Jeans. I either got them at Macy's of the Lucky Jeans store. They're expensive but worth it. Actually if you have a hard time finding jeans that fit go to a Lucky Jeans store and tell one of the employees what it is you want in a pair of jeans and they'll find a pair that look good on you. For example I have a short torso so I like a mid rise and I prefer a boot cut #1 because it makes my legs look thinner and #2 because I like boots. Seriously if I had to pick only one item of clothing to buy for the rest of my life it would be boots. This fabulous shirt (that's not sarcasm. I really love this shirt) is from Target.

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