Thursday, October 2, 2008

Possibly the Last Skirt I'll Wear For a Whille

It's starting to get colder and according to the weather report it's supposed to start raining tomorrow (which is good we're in a drought) so I'll be bundling up more. Sigh. I hate cold weather clothes, they are not flattering to my figure. I start looking all lumpy.

Well at least this is something new (to the site). I got this outfit, and yest the weird little shirt is supposed to go over the dress, at Mervyn's several years ago. I have a thing about not shopping at Mervyn's so you'll probably never see me in anything from there again.

The weather change is doing weird things to my coloring so I've been experimenting with my eye makeup and am not pleased with the results. Yesterday I looked like the undead, which would be fine if that was what I'd been trying to do.

Sigh again. Lumpy clothes and bad makeup, oh and don't forget how dry and dull my hair gets in fall. Is it time for Spring yet?

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