Friday, October 17, 2008

Pre Baby Jeans!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I forgot to mention last Friday that I can finally get in to ALL my pre baby jeans not just the pair that were a size to big. So these and the ones I wore last Friday are the last hurdle yay!

These jeans are also Lucky brand jeans and are called Sundowner. I prefer the Sweet n' Low ones but I couldn't find my other pair. Isn't that weird? Did I take my pants off somewhere and forget to take them with me when I left? That seems unlikely.

The sweater I've shown before and is from Express so is the tank which I haven't worn since I started this site.

I was asked about the weight loss and what I was doing so here's the answer. I did slim fast for a couple weeks and it worked but it's hard to do for very long. I just get so sick of the taste of those shakes. So now I've just been trying to eat healthy and cut out the junk I know I shouldn't be eating. I drink a ton of watter every day usually at least 96oz which equals about 12 glasses. I've also started taking a walk every day with my friend Jubiss it's a little thing but it helps. I've been trying to work out at home on the evenings that it's Dave's turn to put Fiona to bed but I can't say it's really been regular, all the normal chores get in the way but still even if I only do it once a week that's better than nothing.

Oh I also bought a bottle of hair die and did the test sample so assuming I don't chicken out my hair may be auburn in the next pic. Stay tuned. Of coarse I've died it twice since I had Fiona and it washed out in about a month. My hair's so light to begin with it's hard to get it to take color.

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