Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two, Two, Two Pics In One

Hmmm neither of these are particularly great pictures so I'm including both. Hey maybe you'll enjoy sneering at me who am I to take away that opportunity.

Everything I'm wearing comes from Express and none of it is new although with my new hair color I don't look nearly as washed out.

So yesterday the underwire poked out of my bra. I guess it's time I need to buy some new bra's and under ware and that just sucks because they are not cheap. Oh well. I won't be showing you the new stuff. I love you guys but not that way.

As I mentioned on my other site I found out yesterday that I need glasses so we went to Costco at lunch time to fill my prescription and I'm really excited about the frames I picked. I think their kinda sexy but that's me. And guess what, their purple. I know you're picturing something horrible and you'll just have to wait the two weeks until their ready to see how awesome they are. I am considering getting a second pair though as backup. Hmmm the shopping possibilities.

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Camilla said...

ok, again you look great. what diet were you or are you doing? im trying to loss a few pounds myself.