Thursday, October 2, 2008

Common Courtesy

This is what I wore yesterday. The outfit looks oddly dowdy in this picture but in motion......well you can see the slit in the skirt. It goes quite high. It wasn't until about halfway through the day when I realized the combination of that skirt and fishnet tights was maybe less than work appropriate. Modesty at least in the physical sense is something I frequently forget to have. I'm generally comfortable with my body and don't really care if people look. There are however limits to what is acceptable even to me.

Example: There is one guy at my office who literally stares with his mouth hanging open every time I walk by. Now it's always nice to be admired but I do worry vaguely that he's going to drown himself in his own drool and then I'd feel guilty. Mostly I find it amusing but it really is a little rude. Also while admittedly the above outfit is somewhat provocative you've seen what I generally wear to work and it's not overtly sexy. Believe me when I'm trying to get a reaction you'll know.

Note: I took pity on the poor guy yesterday. Once I realized the non workness of the outfit I decided to avoid his gaze. The poor guy would probably have to go home to change pants.

Any way the skirt is from Victoria's Secret, The sweater from Express, the tank from Old Navy. You've seen em all before. I have several pairs of patterned tights and I'm not sure where I got this particular pair. It may have been from a company called foot traffic.

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