Monday, October 13, 2008

Dermadoctor EYE spy

I have permanent dark circles under my eyes. I've tried every product out there from the cheapie kinds you buy at the grocery store to the stuff you get at boutiques that cost's more than $100 for a tiny little tube. I had an allergic reaction to one product that made the skin under my eyes peel and that's pretty much the only one I can say did anything noticeable. I think the issue in my case isn't that I have a breakdown in collagen or a pooling of blood or thinning skin or any of the other reason you get dark circles. I just have deep set eyes and therefore shadows. If the sun shined up from the ground rather than down from the sky I'd probably look great. However as I'm self conscious of this issue and I've mostly been pleased with products from Dermadoctor I thought I'd give this a try. Again I'm really not sure if it's helping with any of the underlying causes but it does work pretty well as a concealer for the purple bags I'm cursed with. I've been using this stuff for about 2 months and I can say I'm pleased. The only thing I've used that worked better for concealing the circles was custom blended foundation which is too expensive an troublesome to get.

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Arlene said...

Dermadoctor eye spy is best and gives good results... Thanks for the information!!