Friday, August 8, 2008

Better Than Wearning a Bathrobe to Work


Yes it's casual day but our dryer broke so I couldn't wash my jeans. Well I could wash them, but who wants to wear wet denim? I got both the dress and the blazer at Macy's at different times. The dress was part of my preparing to be pregnant shopping where I bought things that would be forgiving as I got a belly but I never wore it until recently. That necklace was a birthday gift from Dave last month. And the tights are irritating me, they keep bunching up or drooping in awkward places. I think I need new ones.

Things I would have said if I'd come to work in my bathrobe.

#1. What? It's a mini dress.

#2. It is casual Friday

#3. It's come as you are day. What I'm not allowed to have my own theme days? (Dave came up with that one

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