Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dove Clinical Protection Anti Persperant

I've been trying to find a deodorant I liked for a couple years. I used Soft & Dry for a while but it left a film on my clothes even thought it said it wouldn't. I then tried the Degree product with the commercials that said "little black dress approved" and it worked and didn't leave marks but I guess I was allergic to it because my armpits swelled up (sounds funny I know but it was painful). Then I tried the regular Dove product and it didn't leave marks but it wasn't very strong so I was afraid of getting smelly. Then I tried a product from Secret that worked alright but when I went to the store to buy more they were out so I tried this product and I've been pleased. I haven't felt damp of noticed any smell at the end of the day and although I don't know if this product is designed to not leave white marks it hasn't so far as I can tell.
It is a little strange that the instructions for this deodorant tell you to put it on before bed but since I shower at night it works out for me. There have been a couple times on the weekends when I rebelled and put it on during the day and it's been fine. I always try to buy things unscented or with the lightest possible scent since you don't want your deodorant, detergent, shampoo, and soap to all combine into an overwhelming cloud. The one I bought said clean scent or something like that and I can't smell it at all so I'm happy. I was a little wary of trying clinical strength because I don't think I particularly need it but because I found the regular Dove product to be weak I think this might be less powerful than the clinical strength products from other brands. I've been pleased so far and assuming they have it in stock when I go to the store I'll buy it again.

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