Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today Is My Anniversary

My Wedding anniversary that is. Our dating anniversary is on Halloween but we don't celebrate it any more except for last year because we'd been together for 10 years (yay us). Below is a picture of my wedding/engagement ring. "That's not a diamond!" you exclaim. How clever of you to pick up on it. Actually diamonds have only been considered traditional since the 1940's. It's due to a campaign by DeBeers who basically own ALL the diamonds on the market at a given time and therefore control the price. Don't believe me look it up. Anyway I find that annoying and like colored stones better anyway so I wanted (and got) a sapphire. Not to put down anyone else's choice of diamonds, they can be gorgeous.

Any way sapphires are almost a tradition in my family. If you scroll down you can see my Mom's engagement ring. It's a star Sapphire although you can't see the star in this picture. My parents gave each other new rings for their 15th anniversary and gave me my Mom's ring which I've worn ever since. I'll pass it on to Fiona some day. Maybe when she gets married. That would be a nice tradition to start. My Mom also has my great grandmothers engagement ring which is a sapphire and I guess I'll have it to pass on someday too.

If you'd like to see more wedding related pictures check out my other site. I'm about to put up a video Dave made for me last year for our 10 year (dating) anniversary. Yay Dave I love him. I think I'll keep him.

Hey you can see the star if you click on the picture

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Camilla said...

Happy anniversary!
I love your ring by the way and i so remember your moms ring that you always wore. i think it is a great tradition about the rings. i agree with you about the diamond thing. i hope you have a wonderful day anyways.