Friday, August 8, 2008

Dermadoctor KP Duty

I get these yucky bumps all over my upper arms. And then I have the charming habit of picking at them so they're red and sometimes bleeding (Eeeeewww I know). Well this worried me when I was getting married since my dress had spaghetti straps and I didn't want my arms to look nasty. Then one day I was looking through the new Sepohra catalogue and saw this product. Apparently the yucky bumps are called Keratosis Pilaris sometimes refered to as Chicken Shin (charming). I bought a tube of KP duty and used it faithfully morning and night and it took care of the problem. My arms were smooth and lovely for my wedding and the icky bumps didn't come back for 2 years. I'm using it again and it's working again. If you suffer from this problem or other dry skin related issues I highly recommend KP duty.

I've just recently started using 2 other Dermadoctor products. It hasn't been long enough to make a definitive judgement yet but so far I'm happy. Once I feel confident that I've got enough data I'll let you know how I like them as well.

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