Friday, August 22, 2008

Didn't Go To Work Today

Long story why I'm at home today....Actually no, I called in. Short story very boring. Here's a longer story that is hopefully interesting.

A couple years ago I worked for a company that was not doing well as a result of several really bad management decisions. True to form the management decided the way to fix our problems was mandatory over time. Yes it's legal, at least in CA. Other states may have different laws.

Now I don't mind doing some overtime to get caught up or for a special project and this wouldn't have been an issue if it had only been for a few days. Even a couple weeks wouldn't have been a problem although I feel that a month is pushing the limits of what you should expect an employee to comply with. I know your thinking "A month! That's crazy!" Nope not a month. Eight months...straight. It sucked! The one upside was the extra money. Not only was I getting overtime pay but I didn't have any free time to spend it. Eventually decided I wanted to get myself a treat so I bought a set of pearls.

I was all excited because #1 these were the first fine jewelry I'd ever owned besides my Mom's ring I showed you on Wednesday and #2 I really like pearls. They weren't in fashion at the time but I didn't care. I remember I was with a friend shortly after I'd bought them and she was saying that only old women wear pearls and she never would. I just smiled to myself. That same friend begged her boyfriend to get her pearls for Christmas a couple years ago. And hers are very nice definitely more expensive than mine and probably better quality but I earned mine and I love them.

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