Monday, August 18, 2008

More Long Sleeves in August?

What's that, did I loose weight? Why yes thank you for noticing. As of Saturday morning I'd lost 3 pounds which leaves 9 more to pre baby weight. Yay I may be able to get in to my favorite work pants by next week (keep your finger crossed). I'll be able to show a bit more variety in my wardrobe.
This shirt is from the Victoria's Secret catalogue. It's 100% cotton which makes it really comfortable although it usually needs to be ironed after I wash it which means I don't wear it very often. These are the same pants I wore here . I like to use grey as a neutral it's less stark than black or white.
I've been meaning to explain why I've been wearing all these long sleeves and sweaters in August in California. This has been a very mild summer. Last summer was too. Also my office in Emeryville is actually on the watter and anyone who lives near watter can tell you it's cooler the closer you get to the shore. Today however is ridiculous. It was raining on our way to work, just sprinkling but still the average rain fall for August is 0%. This is why picked August for our out door wedding. I pointed out to Dave that if this were 3 years ago I'd be crying (our anniversary is on Wednesday).

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