Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sorry No Picture Today

Dave wasn't feeling well today and it just seemed rude to ask him to get out of bed to take a picture of me. If I'm not to rumpled by the end of the day maybe I'll take a pic then and post it tomorrow maybe even if I am rumpled since that's probably my natural state.

Any way here's something I found out yesterday. If you got to the Oil of Olay web site you can get free samples and coupons for various products. Although it was a little weird to me that in order to get the free sample of Pantene I had to accept either an offer for Prilosec or Tide. I don't get heartburn and I'm allergic to Tide (seriously rash EVERYWHERE not fun) but I just accepted a coupon for Tide and figure I'll pass it on to someone else. If I like the Pantene sample when I get it I'll let ya'll know

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