Friday, August 1, 2008

Less Sexy and More Pratical

I used to do Pleasure Parties. Let me tell you you can make some good money selling ummm romantic enhancements. Although total strangers felt comfortable telling me their intimate details which I was not cool with.

That's how I discovered Honey Dust . I used to demonstrate it by poring some on the top of a glass of watter, then I'd put my finger through it in to the watter pull it back out and show the guests that it remained dry. This stuff is super absorbent.


It's edible and made by a company called Kama Sutra which is why we sold it at the pleasure parties but I personally have never used it in a sexy way. To be perfectly honest I've used it in some extremely un-sexy ways. I like to use it in the summer when you get moist in uncomfortable places like under your breasts or the small of your back. I worked with a girl who swore by putting it in her shoes to prevent stinky sweaty feet.

I got married in August three years ago (well on the 20th). It was August in California so of coarse it was hot and although my dress was very pretty it didn't breathe well at all. Once we were done taking the pre ceremony pictures I was sweaty and uncomfortable and the wedding hadn't even started. One of my bridesmaids had brought her Honey Dust and (this is the mark of a really good friend) she dusted my thighs for me since I couldn't get to them with my skirt in the way. I was comfortable the rest of the day, including the outdoor ceremony and dancing until my legs were ready to fall off.

In my opinion Honey Dust is a must have for all women. Being comfortable is always in fashion.

Edit 8/4/08: I forgot I've also used this as hair powder. I'm not sure how well it would work for darker hair but it works great in between showers if your hair is light. It keeps your hair from getting all limp and greasy.

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