Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Had to Know Reruns Were Coming

There are only so many items in my wardrobe that are work appropriate (and not waiting to be dry cleaned) so these are the pants I wore here and the sweater I wore here I actually have some other items to show you but I have cramps today and didn't feel like making the effort.

We brought Fiona down to my Mom's house today which is why she was with us. Fiona is wearing a fabulous flowered sleep and play that I have no idea where we got it but it's Carters they sell em everywhere. Run rite out and buy one, it's what all the well dressed babies are wearing this season.

Our neighbors probably think were crazy (and their not wrong) because we take my picture in front of our garage most mornings. Well that can make for fun neighborhood gossip. I do think the still sleepy puffy look that my eyes seem to always have in these pictures is less than flattering but hey it's honest. I never claimed to be a beauty queen. Just very narcissistic.

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