Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whole New Vista's in Pants Wearing

Check out these pants. Aren't they beautiful? Do you know what they are? pre-baby pants! That's rite I am back down to pre-baby size watch me do a little happy dance (ya ta tat ta). I haven't weighed myself since Saturday and if you remember my reference to cramps yesterday you'll know that this is a bad week for weighing in. I suspect I've still got 5 or 6 pounds to go but I could cry I'm so happy to be back in my real clothes.

These fabulous pants are from Express. The style is the Editor. This particular pair are wide leg. You'll be seeing several pairs of Editor pants because I find them to be perfect for work. The sweater is also from Express and is quite similar to both the white sweater and the red sweater but it's a cardigan. I'm actually not fond of this sweater but we woke up 20 minutes late & it was convenient.

Now I will be honest I don't think I can get in to my pre-baby jeans (except the one pair that used to be to big & are now tight) but give me a few more weeks.

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